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Hondo’s Home Brew Competion

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014

Hondo’s Brew and Cork to host first annual home brew competition in conjunction

Call for Entries: Annual Hondo’s Brew Cup 2014
Astoria, Oregon – Hondo’s Brew & Cork first annual home brewer’s competition is currently
underway. Contestants may register for the competition at Hondo’s Brew & Cork, 2703 Marine Drive.
The deadline for registration is September 26, 2014.
Brew samples should be submitted to Hondo’s Brew & Cork no later than Friday, September 26
before 8 p.m. Competition judging will take place between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Hondo’s Brew &
Cork on September 27. Brew samples should contain no less than 10 oz and be stored in
Unmarked containers.
Categories that will be judged: pale ales, stout/porter, lagers, and wheat brews.
Rosettes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded. The best of show wins a $25 gift certificate for
home brew supplies at Hondo’s Brew & Cork and winner may have their recipe brewed at Hondo’s
brewery and put on tap locally for bragging rights. Winners of the competition will be announced at
Northwest Brew Cup Saturday, September 287at evening’s end.
Hondo’s Brew & Cork provides home brew equipment and supplies. We have an extensive catalog
featuring everything for the home brewer, as well as twelve handles of draft Pub brews, by Hondo’s
Brew Pub and popular brew pubs in the Northwest and across the US.


For more information, contact:
RJ Kiepke
Hondo’s Brew & Cork
2703 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103