Pacific Northwest Brew Cup

Brewed by the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association


This beer festival is a true Astoria experience.

Over forty beers and ciders from across the Pacific Northwest will compete in the 18th Annual PNW Brew Cup to be the first keg to blow in the “Thar She Blows” contest. Participating breweries will also compete for the People’s Choice Award.

Who will it be this year?

Astoria Brewing Company

Cherry Hefe Downunder

Tart Cherry Hefe

Bale Breaker

Bottom Cutter

Double IPA

Boneyard Beer


Fruited IPA


Buoy Beer Company

Buoy IPL

India Pale LAGER


Caldera Brewing

Toasted Coconut Chocolate


Culmination Brewing

Sour Flower with Red Raspberry & Lime

Fruited Sour Ale

Ecliptic Brewing


Fresh Hop Lager

Everybody’s Brewing

Head Stash

Fresh Hop IPA

Finn River Cider

Forest Ginger

Organic Cider

Fort George Brewery

The Meadow



Gusto Crema Coffee Ale

Coffee Ale

Gigantic Brewing

The Tighten Up

Citrus IPA

Goodlife Brewing Co.

Sippy Cup

Hazy Pale

Great Notion Brewing

Jammy Pants

Fruited Sour Ale


K-nine Haze

Norwegian Farmhouse

Level Beer

A Van Tassel in your Cap

Fruit Beer

Little Beast Brewing

Hot Break

Sour Ale

Matchless Brewing

Fresh Fluff

Fresh Hop IPA

Melvin Brewing

Melvin IPA


Mill City Brew Works

Key Lime Sour

Sour Ale

Modern Times Beer

Ghost Mountain IPA

Hazy IPA

Mount Olympus Brewing

Lake of Fire


North Jetty Brewing

Bridge Toll

Belgian IPA

pFriem Family Brewers



Prodigal Son Brewing

Greasewood Creek

Cherry Sour Ale

Public Coast Brewing

Peaches Peach Sour

Kettle Sour Ale

Reach Break Brewing


Hibiscus Ginger Lime Saison

Reveille Ciderworks

I’m Peach!

Farmhouse-style Apple & Peach Cider

Sunriver Brewing

Green Initiative

Fresh Hop IPA

Swift Cider


Oregon Raspberry Cider

Trap Door Brewing

Cross Joint

Terpene IPA

Walking Man Brewing


Hurricane Wheat

Fruit Wheat Beer

Wild Ride Brew Co.


Tarty to the Party

Cherry Lemon Sour Ale